10 Things You Need To Know about RA10913

10 Things You Need To Know about RA10913

Effective today: May 18, 2017 REPUBLIC ACT 10913 or the ANTI-DISTRACTED DRIVING ACT

1. What is RA 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act?

RA 10913 or the Anti-Distracted Driving Act is a new law that prohibits motorists from using communication devices and other electronic entertainment and computing gadgets while vehicles are in motion or temporarily stopped on a traffic light or an intersection. A motorist, as defined under this law, is a person who is driving a motor vehicle.

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Moms have super powers

MOTHERS are a very powerful people. In this small part of the Milky Way galaxy where human life thrives, moms are the reason why Earth continues not only to revolve but operate and accomplish its mission in this universe. Mommies give a lot of love and love keeps life afloat. Check out some of these superpowers that most mothers possess until this very day.


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Kandaya Resort: A good place for a reset

Kandaya Resort: A good place for a reset

You know those “memory cleaning” apps on your smartphone that promise to “boost” the operating system? I have no idea if it works but I enjoy using it anyway. Just because, I love seeing that red “full warning” meter drop to a satisfying and safe green.

I pretty much handle life the same way—I think everybody needs a good reset button. But a few weeks ago, I was a little hesitant accepting a three-day, two-night stay at Kandaya Resort for work. I usually choose the events I go to as I try to balance work time with my personal time (because even leisure trips like this one are considered work) and I especially don’t prefer taking midweek trips, as I feel like it disrupts life’s “normal flow.” (Fun time should be held only during weekends?)

Before I reveal the full extent of my ability to bore people, I’m happy to say that I actually took the invitation. “Let’s do it,” I thought. “Let’s press that big button for a good reset.” I confirmed for the trip and soon enough, I was inside the official resort van that would take our little delegation to the resort. Continue reading “Kandaya Resort: A good place for a reset”

Bollywood Tandoor: A tasty tour of India in Cebu

Bollywood Tandoor: A tasty tour of India in Cebu
I swear, I love Japanese food—from the simple to the complex, from the traditional to the modern. But it wasn’t until about recently, when I had this great craving for Indian food. It must have been triggered from a trip I had last year that brought me to Macau, where I had the best Indian food prepared in a restaurant (Indian Spice) managed by the friend of a blogger friend of mine, Rachel. I was with Justinne too, during that trip, and she confirms that it was the best Indian food we’ve had. I returned home to Cebu with a revived love for tikka masala.

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Carnivore: Chop and Marrow experience

For my first entry ever, I am writing this five minutes after I had accomplished the challenge of consuming this mammoth of a meat dish (a considerable giant for casual dining standards in town).

Yep. Now, while writing, I’m wishing for this brew, if it were possible, to aid in melting the cholesterol away. I need all the help I can get.

You must think by now that Carnivore’s trademark Chop and Marrow is a culprit that should top the diet danger chart. Maybe. But on the contrary, I would rather put it on a most wanted list; a must-try meat dish in the city that needs to be experienced.

Carnivore’s Chop and Marrow

If you’re the type who orders a “Meat Lovers” option off the menu of your favorite pizza joint, then trying out the Chop and Marrow is a passage rite.

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