Moms have super powers

MOTHERS are a very powerful people. In this small part of the Milky Way galaxy where human life thrives, moms are the reason why Earth continues not only to revolve but operate and accomplish its mission in this universe. Mommies give a lot of love and love keeps life afloat. Check out some of these superpowers that most mothers possess until this very day.



The degree of telepathy varies from one supermom to another. This power is usually at its peak during her children’s early years. When a son or daughter reaches for candy from a counter while doing groceries, the mother activates the “death (or debt) stare” freezing any, if not, every desire to spend beyond the daily budget. When her child ages, the mother’s telepathy is rarely used as the children usually develop counter-telepathy powers of their own, shielding themselves from power stares from the mother queen. Little do these children know, they will be using this power for themselves for their own offspring in the near future.


invi womab

The saying “you never know what you have until you lose it” is fully realized with the mother’s knack for invisibility. A mommy is seldom upfront and rarely draws attention to herself. But for some reason, the mom’s nest (haven or home), maintains a universal balance of peace, order, cleanliness and enough food supply. The utility bills placed on the fridge door also seem to ebb and flow from the house like no one’s business. Most times when stuff gets done, the family members fail to see the mother behind it. Remember coming home some random afternoon and finding some snack on the table? Or, how about waking up for school and finding some cash for allowance? Food and money do not appear out of nowhere.



When the words “don’t lie to me” are uttered, these blast through the emotional armor of the one on the receiving end of a mother’s lecture. It cuts deep and the mother is usually on the right side of things. For some reason, mothers know what family members are thinking, feeling or doing. This borders also on X-ray vision, when the mom sees through the bedroom and orders the child to clean it, without actually seeing the clutter. However, this power can peak too fast, too soon sometimes, and may lead to wrong readings—like when a child is not allowed to go on a sleepover because an earthquake might happen anytime soon.



The queen of the household carries with her a healing elixir that patches up physical, mental or emotional wounds. When a family member comes to her for healing, the queen mother boosts the wounded member’s health stats back to 100 percent. The only downside to this is that the mother rarely gets to use the healing spell on herself upon will, and she takes some time before fully regenerating when she herself is wounded. These times are usually the times the mother goes to a salon, spa or spends for a vacation in a city resort.

Beast Mode


Queens are usually seen as graceful leaders but when provoked, they can summon the most raging storms (usually in a lecture featuring a flurry of words spoken in the mother tongue). Cross the mother’s will and she can easily break an offender down using a combination of telepathy and psychosis, maxed up in a limited time duration. Of course, killing is not the aim but educating. Don’t worry, she is also able to use her healing spell in beast mode too.

Time Travel


Both in the mental and physical sense, a mother never seems to age. She also keeps a clear line to the world of pop culture, making her in touch with the times—for better or for worse. She may greet her daughter’s friends with a dab, or come to the mall wearing a pair of classic Stan Smiths. When it’s time for story-telling, she sets her mind to travel to the past using a simultaneous universal timeline but keeps her body activated and engaged in the real world. She absorbs past information as it happens and recalls it as it is in present time. Whatever the case, mothers are timeless.



Unfortunately, as amazing as mothers are, they are still human. And as people who eat, live and breathe in this world, everybody is tagged with an expiry date. However, the queen is always remembered and honored regally. When time comes when she is no longer using her powers at home or at work, she comes as a voice in the wind; a memory triggered by the faintest of feelings. Her goodness never leaves the hearts she has nurtured throughout time, and even eternity has no choice but to salute the battle-tested heroine that is a mommy.

Happy Mother’s Day to every amazing super mom out there.


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