Carnivore: Chop and Marrow experience

For my first entry ever, I am writing this five minutes after I had accomplished the challenge of consuming this mammoth of a meat dish (a considerable giant for casual dining standards in town).

Yep. Now, while writing, I’m wishing for this brew, if it were possible, to aid in melting the cholesterol away. I need all the help I can get.

You must think by now that Carnivore’s trademark Chop and Marrow is a culprit that should top the diet danger chart. Maybe. But on the contrary, I would rather put it on a most wanted list; a must-try meat dish in the city that needs to be experienced.

Carnivore’s Chop and Marrow

If you’re the type who orders a “Meat Lovers” option off the menu of your favorite pizza joint, then trying out the Chop and Marrow is a passage rite.

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